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●er combat con●tent. Ministry offic■ials asked t■hem to enhance soci■alist

st Nat●ional Games when Lin〓 defeated Chen to a■dvance into◆ the finals then 〓lifted the t●itle after pipping ■Bao Chunlai from〓 Hunan. Bao■ notched up the ○other semi after tak○ing down Hu Yun from〓 Hong Kong 21-1◆4, 21-6. "Bao has 〓clinched several

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mes. QI◆NGDAO, Ea

t○itles this 〓year and is now in g●ood shape," said sec●ond world ranked ●Lin. "The ●final could b○e a fierce battle.■" Bao was torture●d by knee injury 〓earlier this year b●ut still man◆aged to be crowned ■in Asian Champion〓ships in April,● Singap

st Chi●na, Oct. 1○7 (Xinhu

ore Sup◆er Series in Ju○ne, and Japan Sup◆er Series in ○September. LINY■I, East China,◆ Oct. 14 (Xin●hua) -- Teenage●r center Zheng ■Bowen scored 44◆ points to give Zh■ejiang the first ●win in the wome〓n's basketball to◆urnament of◆ 11th Chinese ○Nationa

a) -- C〓hinese top sh

l G●ames here on Wedn■esday, beating Hube〓i 99-79 in the● last round o●f the preliminary ph●ase.The Zhej○iang side h○ad suffered four st●raight defeats in th〓e previous■ games with no chanc◆e left to enter the ○final eight. Their ○opponent Hu〓bei also lo●st hope for a berth 〓at the quarterfinal●s, and both tea〓ms wanted t

〓uttler Lin Dan i

  • o grab● a win to a●void an embarras■sing no-win g

  • roup st■age exit.The 19-〓year-old Zh●eng

  • carried the ○team on her back

s● closing in on a ne●w

f●rom the very◆ beginning o●f the match, ○she collect■ed 19 points in th○e first half to give〓 Zheji

record after● he
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